The Ooni of Ife throws His weight behind National principal’s cup

The Ooni of Ife endorsed the National Principal’s Cup while receiving members of the organizing committee at his palace on Monday 1st of February 2021. The highly revered traditional ruler who sits on one of the oldest thrones in the world could not hide his excitement over the revamp of the age long competition, according to him, he also played in the competition during his school days. ” the reason why am very exited today, you don’t have an idea of (the importance of) what you are trying to rejuvenate, I am a great beneficiary of everything, I played in the headmaster’s cup and I played in the principal’s cup. this is one of the greatest asset, the greatest tool to bring the subconscious nature or mind of the average Nigerian youth. its very important that you are bringing this back to life”

The chief coordinator, Mr Tony Pemu thank the Ooni for receiving the team, he also informed the Ooni of the special award category that has been created in His name “Then finally Kabiesi, we’ve gotten approval from the ministry and we have created an award where every year we tend to institutionalize it to have the ‘OONI’S AWARD FOR THE MOST VALUABLE PLAYER’ at the final of every year”

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