Joseph Dosu: Guarantees full Assurance of No use of Mercenaries at Principal’s Cup

Former Super Eagles goalkeeper and ambassador of the National Principals Cup has stated that there will be no room for the use of mercenaries by schools in the forthcoming National Principals Cup football competition. He stated this while talking to news men at Igbobi college that based on the 100% assurance he got from the coordinators, every player representing any school in the competition will definitely be a student of that school “I think the first question I asked the moment they called me and said I will be an ambassador to the National Principals Cup was, how do we curb the overage or outsiders representing schools? and I was told there are people that will surely do that and for sure, they gave me the 100 percent confidence that there wont be machineries to represent any school, that anybody that plays for a school will surely be a student of that school”.

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