Captain David Clifford says a behind-closed-doors Championship this year is better than none at all.

A ‘behind closed doors’ championship would be better than no championship at all, according to Kerry captain David Clifford.

The Fossa star admitted that while a championship without supporters wouldn’t be “the ideal scenario” he is hopeful that there will be action at some stage this year.

“Of course it would be strange, I suppose it’s obviously what drives you on and you feed off the crowd, and get a massive lift off the crowd at times,” Clifford said.

“But I suppose look, it’s something where I’ve been thinking about it and a lot of fellas are of the belief that if you had a choice of playing behind closed doors or not playing at all I think everyone would choose to play behind closed doors.

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“Obviously, that’s not the ideal scenario but if that was the last resort, I think fellas would have no problem with it.”

In an interview with Killarney based insurance broker, the Kingdom captain outlined how he is continuing his training during lockdown.

Clifford is working alongside brother Paudie who is also on the county squad after a putting in some brilliant displays as East Kerry swept to last year’s county championship.Learn more

“I suppose it (keeping up training) is probably one of the toughest things. We’ve a gym set up out the back, we took a bit of stuff from Fossa and a bit of stuff from Currans (the Kerry centre of excellence) so we’ve a small bit there which is keeping us ticking over to be fair,” he said.

“Darran O’Sullivan and MC Sport sorted me out with a few bits and bobs as well. Then it’s just like throwing it back to when you were a child, there’s plenty kicking out the back messing around with the ball and the wall.

“I suppose I have Paudie here with me as well so that’s a big help. Simple things like throwing down a bin 20 yards away from us and seeing how many goes it takes us to get it into it.

“Fairly simple things like that. It’s been different like but it’s been enjoyable.”

And Clifford is hopeful there will be some return to action before the year is out.

“I think the news, that came out last (Friday) from Leo Varadkar was definitely positive and gave us a focal point and something to look forward to,” he said.

“It was probably looking very unlikely for the last few weeks but I think the talk about behind closed doors and different things like that.

“I suppose, of course it matters but even just having the chance to play anything behind closed doors or not would be massive.

“But I’m hopeful enough that there’ll be a championship in some form.”


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