Drew McIntyre Reportedly Very Sick Before Recent WWE RAW Match, Update On His WWE Status

As noted, Drew McIntyre is currently out of action after undergoing an operation to repair a lingering injury that came up after his recent promotional tour of Mexico. The idea was to get the surgery out of the way, so McIntyre will be ready for the fall TV push and the build to WrestleMania 36 season.

In an update, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the minor surgery was not bone or muscle related.

Besides the surgery, McIntyre was reportedly sick for a few weeks but just kept to himself and continued to work. His last match came on the August 26 RAW, a King of the Ring loss to Ricochet, and he was so sick that day that he could barely get out of bed. McIntyre just figured he had the flu and was run down, so he kept to himself and worked through it.

WWE officials told McIntyre to see a doctor when he returned from Mexico last week, and that’s when the doctor diagnosed him and ordered him into surgery just three hours later.

There’s no word yet on what WWE has planned for McIntyre, but he’s been rumored for a big singles push for the past year, and new speculation is that the push could really get going in time for the WrestleMania 36 build.

Drew is said to be ready to return to the ring now, but he’s waiting on the call from WWE and approval from their doctors. It’s believed that he could be cleared by WWE doctors as soon as next week’s post-Clash of Champions TV shows.


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